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This is a place for my sister and I to let our creativity loose and share it with the world. I've dealt with mental illness most of my life, so art to me, is the perfect outlet to convey my feelings and connect with others. I've struggled with Major Depressive Disorder and OCD for many years and found that art was a way for me to escape from the darkness allowing me to find joy in simple brush strokes. It is a place of comfort and peace. 

 Instead of using my art to express my sadness and guilt, I want to relate and empower people with mental illness in a positive way. I want to reach the individual inside all of us and let them know that they are seen. Whoever you are and whatever you're going through I hope my t-shirts and art can relate and inspire you to find the little things that bring you joy. We are all like Hobos, wanderers in a strange land looking for the place where we belong. 


The Hobo was a loner looking for acceptance in a world that had discarded them. They banded together to create communities of brotherly comradery. The Hobo inspires me to overcome the impossible of the daily struggle, and hope for something better, because even at our lowest we can still be kind to one another.

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